Self Defense Classes at Rasheed's Boxing Bootcamp

Self Defense can help people find well-being at any age. That's why Rasheed's Boxing Bootcamp is passionate about helping clients understand the importance of focusing on your body and coordination skills. I believe that we will be able to drastically improve your quality of life after just a few self defense sessions. If you'd like to learn more about my private lessons and group classes for my self defense, please don't hesitate to contact Rasheed's Boxing Bootcamp today.


Weight Loss Programs at Rasheed's Boxing Bootcamp

If you're tired of fad diets that don't help you keep the weight off long term, Rasheed's Boxing Bootcamp wants to help. We will train you to change the way you think about nutrition and apply it to your everyday life and  personal development. It will become second nature to you to start eating right and you will be amazed at the positive effect it has on your body, not only in the psychical aspect but your mental health as well. If you'd like to learn more about our weight loss programs and nutrition services, please give Rasheed's Boxing Bootcamp a call today.


High Intensity Training at Rasheed's Boxing Bootcamp

If your goals are simply to lose weight, Rasheed's Boxing Bootcamp can help you by pushing you to your limits in my high intensity training program. We are going to make you confident that you can reach your weight loss goals. We will work with each other to develop both an effective training routine and guide for you to make positive modifications to your eating habits. When you are ready to start losing weight, give us a call and discover the benefits of working with an effective upbeat, high intensity training program today!


Fitness Boot Camps at Rasheed's Boxing Bootcamp


A full body movement so when you throw punches a huge number of your body muscles are contracting at the same time. This makes your heart and lungs work overtime to pump blood containing oxygen all around your body. Our bootcamps will test your cardiovascular system to the max, forcing your body to adapt by making your heart and lungs better at delivering oxygen. This means that you can train at a higher intensity, giving an even greater fat burning effect. Our transformative approach to fitness training and health will empower you to reach ever great heights of strength, flexibility, motion, calm, alignment, coordination, and balance. If you are interested in exploring our fitness programs, please contact us or visit Rasheed's Boxing Bootcamp today for our current schedule.



Boxing Lessons at Rasheed's Boxing Bootcamp

Boxing can easily burn as much as 500 calories per session. Boxing  however, has additional benefits, thanks to the fact that it's high intensity training. When performing high intensity training, you not only burn heaps of calories during the session, but for hours after the training session has ended. Typical cardio activities do not have this post training calorie burning effect. Hence, boxing is your best friend when it comes to losing weight. Call us today at Rasheed's Boxing Bootcamp and see what our boxing classes have to offer!